Introduction to Everyday Shirt

It is an everyday challenge and an unsolved problem for about 42.000 - 107.000 years now: what should you wear today?

Some approaches to this challenge have lead to women wearing the same dress for a complete month or even a year. These studies however can not be easily reproduced by ordinary people and are not reproduced since the two women were top-of-the-line experts in their fields: women-psychology reporter Maureen Rice and fashion designer Sheena Matheiken.

Despite these experiments there is some common knowledge about what to wear:
  • You should wear a shirt that fits the occasion.
  • You should not wear the same shirt everyday (your co-workers or people around you might consider this filthy, nasty, and not appropriate.

You want to wear something where you can be sure that it is definitely the best pick for the day? Something that even tells people you made the right decision about what to wear today?

Here at Everyday-Shirt we have the cure for your struggles:

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  1. This is really interesting, but what about saturday and sunday?